Welcome to Solis Energy Solutions

“The future of the alternative-energy industry now depends far more on financial engineering than mechanical engineering.

-Newsweek, April 10, 2009

Solar Panels on HouseSolis Energy Solutions recognizes the greatest barrier to the renewable energy market is the substantial upfront costs that a large scale solar system entails.  Further, we understand that, in today's economic climate, balance sheet preservation and, if possible, enhancement is critical for businesses from Wall Street to Main Street.  We strive to take a bottom line driven approach to the incorporation of renewable energy.  We understand the challenges businesses face with an ever evolving global economy, pressure from Wall Street to constantly meet or exceed earnings or the ever increasing burden from financial lenders to meet stringent fiscal performance.  We are a business that understands business and are constantly striving to balance the environmental aspects of solar power through real-world financial solutions for our clients.